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Neusa Prado Kervel


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A versatile musician, Neusa Prado Kervel has worked for over thirty years as a pianist, accompanist, chamber musician, choir director, and piano teacher in two countries and three languages. With a Bachelorís Degree in Piano Performance from UFRGS - Porto Alegre, RS/ Brazil - and a Masterís from the University of Miami, she has been pursuing further studies as a Suzuki teacher, following her strong desire to enable the very young child to play the piano with correct posture and beautiful tone from the start - this has been the most rewarding experience of her professional life.


Observation of Suzuki students, personal experience, and creativity have resulted into a novel aproach to teaching basic piano skills to the very young with results most rewarding and enchanting as her studio grows more and more Suzuki. The very young children are playing beautifully created music with their parents in the true spirit of Suzukiís teachings, with respect, discipline, and commitment, displaying the makings of the truly noble human beings that Suzuki advocated as a cure for all human ills during his lifetime as a most remarkable and innovative pedagogue of the twentieth century.


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