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C# Piano Studio

Neusa Prado Kervel


Phone: (305) 669-6834

Mobile: (305) 799-8111










"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Ms. Neusa! My son, Luke, began taking lessons from Ms. Neusa when he was four years old, and has been with her for three years. From the outset, Ms. Neusa’s enthusiasm, talent and dedication were obvious and infectious. She is an amazing teacher! Luke loved her from the start and has continuously been inspired and motivated to do his best for her. Ms. Neusa’s approach seamlessly blends Suzuki technique and discipline with a deep passion for music and children. This combination is incredibly effective, and enables her to identify, nurture, and develop the unique talents and strengths of each student. Through this process, Luke has become amazingly proficient and, perhaps more importantly, developed a love and appreciation for the piano that will last a lifetime. I could not be happier about that! Thanks, Ms. Neusa!"


Karen Turner

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